The Most Dangerous Studies About Social Media for Your Business

The Most Dangerous Studies About Social Media for YOUR Business I need to get something off my chest.  I have read multiple “studies”, posts and articles recently that are saying these are the best times to post on social media platforms and the best number of posts to make. They qualify it by saying we studied 320Continue reading “The Most Dangerous Studies About Social Media for Your Business”

How to get the most out of LinkedIn Answers

What to look for on LinkedIn Answers Today I read a very good guest blog by Allen Mireles on Shelly Kramer’s V3 Integrated Marketing website regarding utilizing LinkedIn Answers to build your reputation as an expert in your niche or industry by answering questions.  Allen gave some great advice on how to share your expertiseContinue reading “How to get the most out of LinkedIn Answers”

The Secret of Effective SEO

Let Me Tell You The Secret of SEO. ______________________________________ There IS no secret of SEO! The SEO strategy and tactics it takes to get your website ranked high on Google, Yahoo and Bing on a consistent basis is constantly changing. Every year Google makes 500-600 changes to its algorithm and every few months those changesContinue reading “The Secret of Effective SEO”