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Social Media is the most talked about and possibly the most misunderstood marketing medium today.

Social Media Icons
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There are an incredible array of platforms with different numbers of users and different strategies for engaging your target market.

Consider this list of social media platforms and tools:  

What do you do to cut through the clutter and create an effective strategy to build your online presence?

With so much talk and so many social media platforms out there, which are the right ones for your business and how should you best utilize them to increase visibility for your business, drive traffic to your website and produce more leads?

Where do you start and what strategy should you use on each platform you choose to be engaged on?

Impressions Plus will do an audit of your current marketing to discover the best social media platforms and strategy for your company and industry. Then we can:

  • Build a social media strategy to fit your needs
  • Setup the social media accounts you will need
  • And integrate your new social media efforts with your existing marketing efforts.

Our Services include:

Social Media Strategy Creation

Over a minimum of a two month period my team will research your existing industry and marketplace extensively as well assess as your business goals and resources in order to give you a comprehensive Social Media Strategy.

From this assessment we will provide you with an exact blueprint for what your Social Media Strategy should be. This service does NOT include implementing the proposed Social Media Strategy.

Social Media Account Setup

  • Profile/Bio Copywriting
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Post Copy Writing (# of posts determined by package purchased)
  • 1 Hour Training

Social Media Training & Consulting

  • Hourly Social Media Consulting
  • Individual training and workshops for 5 to 1000

Social Media Monitoring

  • By keyword. Designed to give you an accurate evaluation of your current social media accounts, as well as that of your top competitors

Social Media Content Management & Curation

  • Managing each of your social media accounts including copywriting, posting and curating all content.

Contact us today to get started with social media marketing for your company
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