Why You Should Ignore Klout, Peer Index, Kred and other Social Media Influence Measures

Ignore Klout, Peer Index, Kred and any other so called Social Media Influence scores if you want to succeed in social media marketing.

Social Media doesnt include Klout or Kred
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They are irrelevant!
If you spend even one minute looking up or capturing your scores in those sites you are wasting valuable time. And in social media and in all business, time is money. Money gained or money lost.

If worse yet you are actually playing the “Klout game” by giving +K and spending your time cultivating a higher score you are digging yourself a bigger hole. You are actually robbing yourself of the time to do those activities that build real influence on social media and drive traffic to your website and make you money.

You may be thinking “how can he say that? They measure my influence on social media”. What they really do is sell you products. Klout Perks, etc… and you have not made yourself one dime more than if you had a low Klout score.

What you should be measuring and working to improve

Keywords you are found under – Not just the ones that Google tells you are the top ones, but the ones your customers actually type in and then click through to your website. Take a look at your Google Analytics and find out what keywords the people who are bringing you business actually typed in to find you. Then leverage THOSE keywords in social media to drive more traffic to your website.

Social Media “Reach” & “Frequency” – In advertising agencies they preach reach and frequency. In social media those metrics are also important.

How many followers/fans you have & how many times you are mentioned and shared/liked/re-tweeted establish your “reach”, your total audience.

Posting each post often enough that a large enough cross section of your social media audience will actually SEE each of your posts without posting so much you are saturating your feed with “ads” gives you the “frequency” portion of your marketing. These are important metrics. Klout & Kred scores are not.

Unique Website Visitors – How many unique visitors do you get to your website? What can you do on social media to pull more unique visitors?

Conversions & Conversions by type – How many of your website visitors become followers of your blog, subscribe to your email newsletter, call you, email you, buy your products or services.

Sales – How many sales did you make directly from your social media activities.

Focus your time and activities on measuring and improving those metrics that actually matter to your business. Focus on the bottom line.

The bottom line is to succeed in using social media to build sales, you must ignore Klout,  Kred and PeerIndex.


Published by Richard Burns

Author, Speaker, Start Up Guru, Lead Generation Expert, Social Media Strategist, Marketing Consultant for Replacement Contractors - Painting, Stucco, Windows, Solar, Siding, Roofing, Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, HVAC

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