The Secret of Effective SEO

Let Me Tell You The Secret of SEO.


There IS no secret of SEO!

The SEO strategy and tactics it takes to get your website ranked high on Google, Yahoo and Bing on a consistent basis is constantly changing.

Every year Google makes 500-600 changes to its algorithm and every few months those changes are major in scope and effect. The can completely change search engine optimization for your website and sometimes they can require a change in your entire strategy for inbound marketing.

On February 25, 2011 CNN Money spoke of the major changes to Google Algorithm that was made as part of the Panda algorithm.  According to CNN, “Google made one of the biggest changes ever to its search results this week. The changes will affect 12% of Google’s search results.”

3 months ago the NY Ttimes had an article outlining how Google changed their algorithm  in October 2011 to reflect the importance of new material on your blog or website. This update, named Panda 3.0, changed the rankings of 35% of all sites on the internet overnight.

Recently the change that changed how your site is ranked on Google was the introduction of Google+ into the mix. With Google+, social media has become a major part of search engine rankings on Google.

And yesterday Google announced the Panda 3.3 update. This new update makes 40 changes to the algorithm including major changes to how Local Search is incorporated into the rankings & page placement on Google.

SEO strategies and SEO tricks that worked last year or even last month may not effective SEO strategy & tactics today!

What were the most effective methods for ranking high on the search engines just a few years ago are no longer even a consideration to Google when they rank your website.

It used to be that all it took was to have the right keywords in your meta tags. Your title and description. Today only Bing even considers meta tags in its rankings. Meta tags are still important to your overall click-through rates because they are your “AD” that catches the searcher’s eye once they find your listing and they help search engines categorize your listing, but they no longer play a any part in ranking higher on Google.

It used to be that you could “hide” keywords in the html or on your page in a background color and drive your rankings higher. Today this practice can get your listing flagged and your search ranking downgraded.

It used to be that you could buy links from any site, whether it had any relevance to your product or not, and that would drive your rankings higher.

The bottom line is that the SEO landscape is ever & rapidly changing and none of those methods will help you today. In fact, many of the “black hat” methods of SEO will actually get your website penalized or even outright banned from searches.


The TRUE secret of SEO is that it requires constant study and trial and error.

There are no tried and true methods that you can do once and your site will permanently rank on the first page of any competitive keyword search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. The search engines change what they are looking for and how they are looking for it much too often to simply build your site and then sit back.

Your competition will also be working at search engine optimization in order to rank higher and you need to continue to work at SEO to consistently rank high on the search engines.

With that being said, there are 3 main areas that you do need to focus on to rank higher today.

  • The Right Keywords.
  •  Relevant Links

At Impressions Plus we specialize in keyword research to target keywords that optimize both your reach and conversion.  We focus on search engine placement for keywords that give you the best combination of high search volume and low competition. That includes long tail keyword phrases when applicable.

We also work with you to produce relevant content for your website on a regular basis for the keywords that have been thoroughly researched. Content Marketing is the hot topic in inbound marketing today and producing relevant content that is optimized for the keywords & keyword phrases you are targeting is critical to search engine optimization.

Then we build links from high ranking websites and blogs that are relevant to your product or service in order to effectively increase your rankings on Google, Bing Yahoo and other major search engines.

Call or email us today with a link to your website and we will put together a FREE outline of the SEO steps you need most specifically for your website.

Published by Richard Burns

Author, Speaker, Start Up Guru, Lead Generation Expert, Social Media Strategist, Marketing Consultant for Replacement Contractors - Painting, Stucco, Windows, Solar, Siding, Roofing, Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, HVAC

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